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    I love photographing people. I love telling stories with pictures. I love watching people and capturing emotions and feelings in an image. I love to have fun. And Laugh. And be silly.

    I am an endless wanderer and my middle name means 'bringer of light' so I try to do that wherever I go! I just moved back to the U.S. after living in Bolivia for the past two years working for a non-profit there. My life is an adventure as I strive to pursue my dream of being a photographer, adventurer, humanitarian and storyteller all at once.

My ‘other’ family

The Shaw family has sort of adopted me out here on the East Coast since my whole family is back in the midwest.  I am super grateful.  This means I spend some holidays with them along with many birthday celebrations.  We recently celebrated two family birthdays – Kevin & Sam’s.  This meant the family gathered together at ‘Nana & Papa’s house’ for a yummy dinner, followed by lots of fun outside at Rihannis Park and then ate some delectable desserts and enjoyed heartfelt sharing about how grateful each person is for both Kevin & Sam.  It was a really fun evening.  I snapped some photos to make sure that the memories would be forever remembered!!

Below, the birthday boys, Sam & Kevin.Lots of yummy food to enjoy!  Even baby Emery wanted more pork tenderloin!  

Happy Birthday Kevin & Sam!

Watch the slideshow below!

Shaw Family – Celebrating Kevin & Sam’s birthdays from Vanessa Embling on Vimeo.

HOPE worldwide Community Service Brigade

I had the opportunity to go to Honduras in January 2012 as the photojournalist – responsible for capturing and telling the story of the incredible work & service that is going on down there through HOPE worldwide’s programs.   About  60 volunteers came together from all over the US to serve in whatever capacity they could and were able.  About half the team consisted of medical personnel – Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Triage, etc..  and the other half had various backgrounds and helped out in many different ways.

Below is the video I put together for the volunteers mostly to re-cap our time down there.