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Winter wonderland in the Northwoods of Wisconsin

In the days following Christmas I was able to get away and spend a few days with my family in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.  It truly was a winter wonderland!  We had such a fun time together, hanging out around the fire, snowshoeing and sleigh riding through the snow, and cheering on our beloved Packers as they beat out da Bears, da Bears, da Bears!  VEmbling_131227_9331VEmbling_131227_9348VEmbling_131227_9355VEmbling_131227_9359VEmbling_131227_9364VEmbling_131227_9366VEmbling_131227_9369VEmbling_131227_9374VEmbling_131227_9385VEmbling_131227_9412VEmbling_131227_9426VEmbling_131227_9431VEmbling_131227_9432VEmbling_131227_9434VEmbling_131227_9436VEmbling_131227_9446VEmbling_131227_9456VEmbling_131227_9460VEmbling_131227_9475VEmbling_131227_9496VEmbling_131227_9517VEmbling_131228_9522VEmbling_131228_9538VEmbling_131228_9559VEmbling_131228_9560VEmbling_131228_9576VEmbling_131228_9584VEmbling_131228_9594VEmbling_131228_9610VEmbling_131228_9622


January 27, 2014 - 6:23 am

Steve - Hi Venessa, I want to hear more about your Honduras trip. I’m still not on Facebook. I saw you last at Disneyland… Make it happen… I read about your Honduras trip & it sounds amazing. Your walk with God is inspiring. Don’t have your email or new phone. Steve